Bright and Clean Services is a specialist in providing Hygienic Sanitization and Disinfection Services in Delhi NCR, the need for sanitization and disinfection for offices, commercial spaces, residences and government buildings, is at its prime.
Hygienic sanitization service from radiance ensures optimum hygiene and protection by providing a clean, germ-free environment and preventing the spread of dangerous diseases. Our 2 stage disinfection process keeps your premises safe from disease-causing organisms and cross-infections in an enclosed area.

To address this requirement, our service professionals go through a rigorous training program and are given deep knowledge on the disinfection process with extreme focus on appropriately using disinfectants, sanitizing agents, smart tools and automated machinery so as to sanitize spaces and make them healthy and safe.

Our crew is background checked, police verified and wear all proper protective equipment and body protection suits, to ensure they do not bring along or come in contact with any germs and viruses.

Since viruses have the ability to rapidly transmit through air and surfaces, it is essential to address both in our treatment to achieve the desired results. A variety of eco-friendly sanitizing agents, smart tools and advanced machinery are deployed through a two-stage disinfection process, paying special attention to all spaces and surfaces across the premise. This includes the surface disinfection treatment, followed by spatial disinfection treatment. The two-stage treatment ensures no space or surface is missed out thereby delivering 99% germ eradication.

Surface Disinfection

Our trained and equipped technicians will disinfect the sensitive surface areas in this first stage, using advanced machines, smart tools and world-renowned sanitizing agents.

Spatial Disinfection

Aerial disinfection will be carried out in the second stage, throughout the premise, with the specialized machines and highly effective sanitizing agents. This process ensures effective and appropriate dissemination of the sanitizing solution to all surfaces and crevices.

Professional Sanitization Service – Price List

Sanitization Services Price
1 BHK Apartment 999
2 BHK Apartment 1,199
3 BHK Apartment 1,499
4 BHK Apartment 1,899
5 BHK Apartment 2,399
2000-3000 Sq. Ft. Villa 2,499
3000-4000 Sq. Ft. Villa 2,999
4000-5000 Sq. Ft. Villa 3,499
5000-6000 Sq. Ft. Villa 3,999
6000-7000 Sq. Ft. Villa 4,499