You must want to know more about the Kitchen Deep Cleaning like what the things that we are taking care of, how and the process of details. Not to worry about anything, here is the complete brief about our work. We believe that our clients should know each thing, and then they are able to take the perfect decision. So, here is the complete brief of our services:

The cleaning comes to you with the hygiene. We know how much important place this is, no matter that is your home kitchen or the commercial one. It should be dirt free, but we can’t use anything to remove the stains that are not good for health. When we start working towards the same, we take care of the particular thing. No matter what about your size is, we serve you accordingly.

The floors and other corners are also cleaned properly. We use the proper technique for the same and the heavy types of machinery are simply awesome to give you the assurance that the perfect cleaning is done. You must admit that reaching every corner and extract the dirt can’t be possible by the humans, and so we do use the right techniques and it gives you the best services.

Now, you truly know that how much good services you are going to get from us. So, never waste the times, take our appointment today. We will issue a certificate as well after completion of the work. Here, we mention everything along with the photography of the equipment that we have used. All these things will truly helpful for the claiming of the insurance and more. Always remember that we work for you and doing the work only is not something that we are opting for. But, we also take care of all other requirements associated with the Kitchen Deep Cleaning. Your satisfaction through the quality services and the perfect association is our aim.

Areas Covered

  • Countertop, shelves and floor
  • Stove cleaning and sink descaling
  • Exterior of cabinets and appliances
  • Modular shelves and drawers

Impact of cleaning

  • Removal of oil and grease deposits from all corners
  • Removal of white deposits from metal taps and fixtures
  • Thorough cleaning of all modular drawers and shelves

Specialized Diversey chemicals

  • Suma Grill for oil and grease deposits
  • Suma Multi for countertop and floor
  • Task R9 for all hard water stains on fixtures

Professional Kitchen Deep Cleaning – Price List

Type Price
Kitchen Deep Cleaning (without Utensil removal) 1,499
Kitchen Deep Cleaning (with Utensil removal) 1,999