Home Cleaning

How many cities are Home Cleaning services available?

We are currently present in Delhi NCR.

What should I do if my pin code is showing non serviceable area?

You can give us a call at 8506000007/7065031031 or email us at info@brightandcleanservices.com

Does someone have to be present at home while availing the services?

The service can be done in customer’s absence however one authorized representation from customer’s side is requested as permission is sought by our team before accessing certain areas like Cup-board or Enclosures, highlight if any area is fragile, hand over precious items if it’s lying in open etc. Exceptions being new or full empty house where customer’s presence is only requested at the start and finish for handover process. One Team leader is deployed for every full house cleaning jobs like Intensive, Deep Cleaning Services to supervise and coordinate with customer.

Do I have to organize cleaning supplies or team will bring its own?

The team will carry relevant cleaning chemicals and Equipment as per the service booked. We would request to provide basics such as ladder, garbage bin. Live electricity and water supply is required.

What if I am not happy with the service provided?

We can assure you of the best professional service however if you have any complaints, suggestions or feedback in regards to the service quality or the team, pricing etc please give us a call to our customer care at 8506000007/7065031031or email us at nfo@brightandcleanservices.com. It is advised to do this within 24 hours of your service delivery.

Our focus is complete customer satisfaction. In the event, if you are displeased with the services provided, we will refund back the money, provided the reasons are genuine and proved after investigation.

What happens if there is any damage occurs during the service?

In the unlikely event of any damage done during the service you can give us a call at our Customer Care support at 8506000007/7065031031or email us at info@brightandcleanservices.com. It is advised to do this within 12 hours of your service delivery.

Are the chemicals used safe and bio-degradable?

Bright and clean services uses chemicals from the Global brand "DIVERSEY" having Green seal certification. All the chemicals are odorless and safe for infants, aged people and pets.

Pest Control

My child suffers from asthma. Is my child safe to stay during the service?

Cockroach allergens - their skin, dead cockroaches and droppings are known to trigger asthma attacks in children. In such case, it would be better if your child is not present during the services. During the process, we may be flushing out adult cockroaches and destroying them.

What if I touch areas that have been sprayed?

Treated areas should be avoided for touching until dry. In case of accidental touching not much to worry, but wash the exposed skin with soap and water. The spray emulsions that we apply are the most safe pesticides and been diluted to such extent that do not cause any ill effects. Also, these aspects are properly explained by our Service Technicians in "Do's and Don'ts". Our chemicals do not have residual effect hence are safe in such condition. We always advise our customers to listen carefully to all Do's and Don'ts by our technicians.

Do I need to wash everything after the treatment?

No, in case of Cockroach treatment or general pest management, there is no need to wash after the treatment.

Do I need to empty my kitchen cupboards?

Under most normal condition, you do not need to empty kitchen cupboards as we do targeted gel baiting. But sometimes the kitchen is heavily infested by roaches and there is need of extensive flush out treatment. In the case of big cockroach also you may have to vacate cupboards, remove all food items and utensils before spray treatment.

Are my cat / dog safe from the cockroaches’ control?

Every pesticide requires that pets and people avoid treated surfaces until dry. This is the minimum standard for all products. Once dry, the material will not be easily transferred to paws or human skin.

What do I need to do prior to the Cockroach Pest Control treatment?

For residential cockroach treatment: Nothing at all, we will do whatever is needed.

Will the gel that is applied to the inside of cupboards contaminate my food?

No it will not. The gel / paste are only applied to areas where insects congregate or harbor, like cracks, crevices or hinges.

Will I see cockroaches after the treatment?

It takes up to three weeks for the gel to exterminate the population. Do not use any other pesticides. If we have applied roach baits, any contact with pesticide sprays or diy roach killer use will ruin the bait. If you are still see roach activity after two weeks, and then you can call us to register a complaint.

Laundry Service

Why do you do laundry on kg basis?

We believe in keeping things simple, our machines are calibrated on kg basis and we derive our costing on Kg. Basis, therefore to keep complex equations out of the way we charge for our services on kg. basis. We also know that charging piece-wise could give us more margins but, Bright and Clean services as a company believes in keeping our charges fair and that’s why laundry services are changed on kg. basis.

How many cloths make a Kg?

Although number of cloths in a kg may vary depending upon the weight of the cloth but, usually if we are taking daily wear cloth (excluding Jeans) generally 3-4 Gents cloth / 5-6 ladies cloths make a Kg.

What is Dry-cleaning?

Dry-Cleaning is a “wet” process wherein we use detergents as well. The only difference is that instead of water hydro-carbons are used (generally called as petrol wash).

Why do you take UG on pc basis?

Bright and Clean Services offer a plethora of services for laundry and all these services have different rates. As most of our customers avail our Premium laundry services they naturally want the same level of quality in their undergarments as well. However, undergarments are taken as wash only and are not ironed; therefore to remove any confusion as to what service is required for undergarments we take undergarments on piece basis.

How do you take care of Hygiene while processing cloths?

We are very sensitive towards hygiene; all cloths are treated with an antiseptic to make sure that cloths are disinfected.

What is the minimum order size?

Minimum order size is the minimum value of the order in Rupees which is required by us. The value depends upon the location and is subject to change without any prior notice. To keep communication, clear we send a system generated SMS to the user upon successful placing of order so that there is no confusion later. We also know that you may want to try our services first before trusting us with your valuable cloths therefore, *first order has lesser minimum order size*.

If I refer somebody will I get a discount?

We shall be thankful to you if you refer us to any of your friends/family and as a token of appreciation from our side we will give you and your referral a discount coupon which you can use when you avail our services. However, please note that the coupon is valid only after the person you referred uses our service.

What if any of my cloth gets damaged / lost in the process?

Well!!! This generally does not happen, but to give confidence to our customers we assure them that in case of any such incident, we will reimburse up to a maximum of 5 times the processing cost of the garment to the customer.

My clothes are smelling, also my clothes seem to be wet?

Usually, we take care that such incidents don't happen but due to high humidity in the atmosphere sometimes the clothes retain moisture, as a result, they start to smell after being kept packed for some time. Therefore, to mitigate this we suggest you to unpack your clothes soon after they are delivered back to you during monsoon season or extreme winters.

My Jacket is not pure Leather, what services do you offer for this?

We have a Rexine Jacket item in the Jacket Dry-cleaning Rate card; this service includes Leatherite, Rexine, and PU Jackets as well. So you can give your Jacket for service and it shall be charged as per Rexine Leather Jacket rates.