You will be surely happy to say “hello” to a new, sparkling, germ-free bathroom, and we are here to help you in your every requirement. Yes, you have heard it right. We have the expertise to do the right Bathroom Deep cleaning where you own your satisfaction. You must admit the fact that how much it is needed to keep the hygiene on in your bathroom and as the organization and service provider we are happy to offer the same. So, take our appointment today for having the best experience.

You may think that household is capable enough to do the same. But, here you need to be little conscious. You must admit that Bathroom Deep Cleaning Services demand lots of expertise and you need to get the assurance that the helping person has that much of ability. The shower glasses to tiles, each thing should be handled properly. All the fittings, bathtubs and more should be maintained properly and you must admit that this much expertise should be earned through the proper training and experience that can’t be owned by anyone. So, here we are for you who will do everything perfectly and the hygiene you get that will be also awesome.

The modern machinery, training all you are searching for, that you find here without any doubt. We will get the information about the specific Bathroom Deep Cleaning Services you need and along with the windows and mirrors cleaning, the scrubbing of the bathrooms tiles, removing of the grime and more, we will take care of that as well. Don’t worry about the costly belongings; we will take care of that as well. All those things come to you with the reliability and cost effective way. So, we are waiting here for you, just give us a call and take the best services as per your requirements.

Areas Covered

  • Floor and Wall tiles
  • Metallic Fixtures: Taps, Faucet, Shower head
  • Toilet and Wash Basin
  • Exhaust Fan, Geyser, Mirror, Door, Window

Materials Used

  • Professional industry grade chemicals
  • Taski R6- Specialized toilet cleaner
  • Taski R9- Formulated for stubborn hard water stains
  • Suma Multi – For floor, marble & tiles
  • Emerel Plus- For all steel and ceramic fixtures

Equipments We Use

  • Micro-fiber cloth
  • Scotch Brite Scrubber
  • Grout Brush

What we need from you

  • Ladder/ Stool for geyser cleaning
  • Rearrange items after job

Professional Bathroom Cleaning – Price List

Type Price
2 Bathroom 999
3 Bathroom 1349
4 Bathroom 1699
5 Bathroom 1999