Towel Laundry

A towel is usually made of absorbent clothe that is used for drying and wiping a surface, such as our bodies. Common textile towels are made from cotton which draws moisture through direct contact, often using a dabbing or a rubbing motion. Other popular materials for towels include bamboo, polyester, viscose, rayon, microfiber and non-woven fibers. At Bright and clean, we provide the heavy-duty washing which your commercial and industrial towels demand. We offer cleaning quality of the highest standard, working with only the best selection of detergents and conditioners. The environmental friendly detergents deliver exceptional cleaning results without compromising the lifespan of your towels.

We understand that towels from different businesses serve different functions. For example towels used in hair salons are soaked in hair products, while towels used in massage parlors are saturated with essential oils.