Tank Cleaning

Water is the precious resource on earth. It is our duty to protect water for maintaining health. 70% of diseases are caused due to dirty water and poor sanitation condition. Even your household water tank contains fungi, algae, mud, infection, germs etc. Germs contaminated water is harmful to our health that is why cleaning and maintenance of water tank is mandatory for all. You can use our water tank cleaning and disinfection service to remove the impurities from your water tank. We specialize in water tank cleaning services.

Our list of services includes

  • Overhead Water Tank Cleaning
  • Underground Water Tank Cleaning

Environment-friendly tank cleaning:
Our process of cleaning involves mechanized dewatering, anti-bacterial spray, uv treatment, sludge removal and vacuuming. Tank cleaning basically deals with cleaning inside surface from stockpiling and an outer surface for hygiene. Our process includes components like shower washing framework and depletes pumping framework for cleaning. Our process is highly effective from manual cleaning. We are well equipped with high tech equipment for cleaning tank. We use the framework which is secure and 10 times effective than manual cleaning. We use higher centralization of acids, cleansers, and sterilizers to remove the impurities.

We all are aware of the danger of impure water. We intend to make your life healthier with our reliable and safe solution. We provide on-time tank cleaning service from skilled and trained professionals.


Water Tank Cleaning Size Price
Overhead Tank Cleaning upto 1000 Ltr. 1,499
Overhead Tank Cleaning 1000 Ltr – 2000 Ltr 1,999
Underground Tank Cleaning upto 2000 Ltr. 1,999
Underground Tank Cleaning 2000 Ltr – 3000 Ltr 2,499
Underground Tank Cleaning 3000 Ltr – 5000 Ltr 2,999