Medical Laundry

Medical laundry must deal with dirty laundry which is different from that found in other industries. Nursing homes, Hospitals, and other healthcare facilities generate linens contaminated with faces, urine, viruses’ bacteria, blood, urine, and many other organic contaminants. The medical community is well aware of the dangers of disease transmission, thus there are many rules governing the construction and operation of a healthcare laundry facility.

How you decide to handle your medical laundry can be crucial for your hospital healthcare company. Medical laundry services like us at Laundry business USA would not only be economically-wise for your facility, but it also gives you more time to concentrate and fully devote yourselves to providing the best possible hospital, Nursing home and other healthcare to the public.


Health Care Laundry Service Price
Bed Sheets 40
Surgical Bed Sheets 60
Bath Towels 20
Surgical Towels 30
Patient Gowns 30
Lab Coats 80
Pillowcases 20