House Flies Control

House flies are the most common pest in and around home. Most adult house flies travels with in one mile of sites where eggs are laid. House flies get attracted to garbage scams, large commercial trash container, open dumps and unsanitary conditions and food processing sites. They feed on any manmade or naturally occurring moist household garbage.We Do

  • Controls House Flies against Cholera, Hepatitis, Typhoid
  • Kills House Flies on contact via spraying


  • 60 day service guarantee: Free second revisit if infestation persists
  • Trained & knowledgeable technicians


  • Spraying to be done on walls, curtains & corners
  • Treatment will last till the residual spray is not wiped off
  • House Flies will get killed on coming in contact with the spray

Best Practices

  • Do not touch sprayed surfaces until dry

Treatment Techniques

  • Only Govt. approved safe & odorless chemicals by Bayer to used (in recommended dosage only)