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We are professional and specialized laundry services provider in Delhi-NCR. We use safe and eco-friendly detergent to clean the linens and other clothes. We have the expense steam for laundry worker. We always use the high product for clean and dry your clothes. We are fist separate our color clothes and your white clothes then we use separate machine for cleaning the clothes.

By choosing us to take care of your laundry, you will be sure that your clothes are in safe hands. Rest assured that we never use any harmful chemicals during the cleaning and washing process. You will get your clothes and other textiles delivered clean and tidy always on time, every time.

Our commercial laundry service is convenient, cost-efficient and without any problem for all kinds of businesses.



Wash & Fold

Just in case you choose not to use our steam ironing services we will wash and fold them for you. Expect to have your garments returned in 2-3 days.

Wash & Iron

Just have a few garments to be washed? We can handle this as well. Expect to have your garments returned in 2-3 days.

Premium Laundry

All your premium wear garments will be washed using premium fabric specific detergents. Stains will be spotted using advanced stain removing techniques before being washed and steam ironed. Expect to have your garments premium packed and returned in 2-3 days.

Dry Cleaning

All your sensitive and special wear garments will be individually treated for any stains and then be dry-cleaned in our imported machines using very safe SOLVENTS. Expect to have your garments premium packed and returned in 5 days.

We are highly experienced in managing the commercial laundry for restaurants, laboratories, hotels, hospitals, and factories. Our professionals are well-trained in cleaning all types of clothes and textiles, including linens, curtains, carpets, uniforms, rugs, bed sheets, pillow and quilt covers.